Billy Buck Roscoe was born on July 4th , nobody is really sure what year.
Some say Billy Buck was born when America gained its independence,
some say it was the year the Civil War ended, others claim it was the year
Prohibition was repealed and yet others are certain it was the glorious year
we declared victory in World War II. No matter what the time period, one
thing is for sure Billy Buck Roscoe stands for God, Family, Country and
Billy Buck grew up in the vast wilderness of America’s frontier, where only
the hardiest of individuals were forged. With a scarcity of provisions, Billy
Buck found wheat ,barley, and discovered nourishment in that wonderful concoction known as Beer.
Although this miracle beverage would sustain Billy Buck to adulthood, it did
hinder his growth both physically and mentally.
Since Billy Buck was raised to be a patriot, once he became of age, he felt
compelled to combine his love of God, Family, Country and Beer; hence he
joined his 2nd family the United States Marine Corps. A brotherhood of
honor and fidelity that Billy Buck cherishes each day.
Today Billy Buck Roscoe  is dedicated to honoring the Military and all who serve this Great USA Nation. Billy continues his selfless duties to country and
community by supporting numerous charitable organizations helping
veterans, first responders, homeless, animals,  and much
more. He also  looks forward to drinking  a beer (or shotgun for the die
hards) with his fellow patriotic beer lovers. So, if you love your country and
your beer, Billy Buck would love to have you as part of the family.